Sunday, July 24, 2016

Whitehorse Trail Updates

Snohomish County Parks has several projects active on the Whitehorse Trail and they invite you to see the latest updates on their project description web page: Whitehorse Regional Trail project page    This page includes maps and links to other resources. 

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trail Town Program

Trail Town ProgramThe Stillaguamish Valley Trails Action Team has identified an interesting community program that might be a model for a similar trail program in the Snohomish County area.

"The Trail Town Program® is an initiative of The Progress Fund working in small rural towns across western Pennsylvania and western Maryland, focusing on community and economic development around trail tourism and outdoor recreation."

As the Centennial Trail expands with the completion of the Whitehorse Trail and with future connections developing to The Sammamish River Trail and the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, this type of project could be developed here so that communities, businesses, adjacent land owners, and users will be better served with a regional way to share opportunities, focus on needs, and connect with each other and the managing agencies.  The Centennial Trail Coalition of Snohomish County plans to grow with this process too.  

The Stillaguamish Valley Trails Action Team is a focus group continuing the effort begun by the Snohomish County Rural Tourism Workshop Series.  For additional specific information about the sessions and what was covered, visit

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Comcast Cares Day on the Whitehorse Trail, the follow-up

 April 30th was a perfect day for the Comcast Cares Volunteer event.  Well over 200 people showed up at the old mill site just west of Oso to help Snohomish County Parks spruce up the Whitehorse Trail as part of Comcast Cares nation wide day of helping local communities.

Besides the huge group that arrived in Darrington, there were over 9000 events across the country.

Snohomish County Parks and Comcast made the event very smooth and effective.  Sign up at the old mill site was quick and easy, with coffee and a snack for those people who had driven a long way and risen very early for the 8AM start. 

There were 7 school buses ready to take us out to one of the 8 work stations (one work station started on the trail right at the mill site.)

Team leaders got us some tools and direction at each site.  I was at the Fortson Mill where Snohomish County Parks has recently purchased some land for a trail head.
  The order of the day was removing brush, bagging invasive weeds, picking up trash, clearing small windfall, and clearing brush around bridges so that the recently refurbished historic railroad bridges will keep lasting many more years. 
 The weather could not have been better.
 It was a great way to also meet some new people on the trail.  There were lots of families, and in the area I worked, there was a large group of Darrington High School students.
Thank you one and all, Comcast employees and friends, and Snohomish County Parks.  The Whitehorse Trail is rapidly evolving into a wonderful regional trail opportunity.

There was also a very nice pizza treat at the end of the work.  I guess it must have hit the spot, because I forgot all about taking pictures.