Thursday, July 18, 2013

Progress on the Whitehorse Trail, The "Tin Bridge" is open

While we cannot seem to find the historic reason that the first railroad bridge on the Whitehorse Trail is called "The Tin Bridge", we can show you the history making progress that Snohomish County Parks has made by upgrading "The Tin Bridge" so that it is open and safeguarded for public use.

Get out there and enjoy the views!  Beware though, the trail has some rough surface from either the Cloverdale Farms access or from the Centennial Trail.  Still, despite the loose gravel, it is a great walk, or it can be a challenging bike ride with a fat tire bike.

The county has asked us to add that, “ The Whitehorse Trail is undeveloped at this time. Please be aware of hazards and changing water conditions. Use extreme caution. No Motorized vehicles allowed. The Whitehorse Trail from Darrington to Swede Haven is open and available to the public”.

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  1. Have a nice photo of horses on this bridge too :-) Wonderful to have it open!