Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Traffic Alert- Paving on the Centennial Trail at 67th Avenue

Road Work
Traffic Alert!
Crews begin paving the Centennial Trail at 67th Avenue tomorrow

At 7:00 AM on Thursday, April 3, trucks will begin delivering asphalt to a paving crew starting on the north end of the Centennial Trail at 67th Avenue and Lebanon Street. Traffic will be flagger controlled to allow dump truck delivery of asphalt; this will cause congestion of the narrow street area between Twin City Foods and 211th Street.  It is anticipated the paving in that section will be completed by 11:00am.  From noon to  4:00pm paving will continue south to  complete the trail to 204th street.  Asphalt trucks will access 67th Avenue from 204th Street for the southern section. There will be flagger controlled traffic assisting the dump trucks in this area also.  If by chance it rains tomorrow, paving could be delayed or not entirely completed.  

We appreciate your patience. Paving of the trail is an important step as it will allow other elements of the project to occur that were dependent on the trail being paved.  For more information about this project, please visit .

Thank you for your ongoing patience.

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  1. As of 4/21/14, The new asphalt for the CT in this area is WONDERFUL! Nice wide path, all the way up to the light. No more dodging traffic on the road or competing with pedestrians on a skinny sidewalk area! Love it!