Thursday, May 22, 2014

Traffic Alert for Centennial Trail at Lake Armstrong Road

County Public Work Department is performing needed road improvements to Lake Armstrong Road and will need to use a 1, 000 ft section of the Centennial Trail for temporary motor vehicle access.

Users of the Centennial Trail will have normal access except for possible slight delays during the times noted below (10AM, 12 Noon, 2PM).

The project is scheduled to start on June 16, 2014 and be completed by June 27, 2014. The closure is for the section of road from Harvey Creek Road to the Centennial Trail Crossing at Lake Armstrong Road. Traffic control crews will be onsite Monday – Thursday, 730am – 4:00pm. Motor vehicle use of the trail will be limited to 10am, 12 (noon), and 2pm each day during the construction period.

This traffic control will primarily affect the homeowners on Lake Armstrong Road.


  1. This is alittle confusing. People work from anywhere 8am to 11pm how are they to get out or in if trail is only accessible from 10am to 2pm?

    1. This announcement does seem a bit unclear, and is based on wording that Snohomish County has provided. The time restrictions on travel are for vehicular traffic on Lake Armstrong Road. The use of the Centennial Trail by pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. is not being limited, but those users may be experience short delays at 10AM and 2PM. The restrictions for vehicular traffic on Lake Armstrong Road are in place from 7:30 AM to 4 PM. Presumably the County Work Crew will be contacting local residents directly. Perhaps the County will improve the wording and publish a map.