Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Law in Washington State for electric bikes

At our most recent General Meeting of the Trail Coalition of Snohomish County a question was directed to the Snohomish County Parks staff present about what are the Parks rules for Electric Bikes.  Russ Bosanko responded that they will need to research this more thoroughly now that a new Washington State Law has been passed that addresses some of the questions about use of electric bikes on bicycle trails and bicycle use facilities.

Washington Bikes just sent out an email with a link to their web page explanation of the new rules:

The New E-Bike Law in Washington State - What you Need to Know

In early 2018 the Washington State Legislature passed a new e-bike law. The new e-bike law more clearly defines where e-bikes can and cannot be used on bikeways, trails and streets, as well as ensuring that jurisdictions and agencies have the tools for enforcement and management of e-­bikes on streets and trails across Washington.

Find Out What This Means for You Today

Thank you Washington Bikes.  We still will look forward at  out next meeting for more clarification from Snohomish County Parks about specific rules in regards to the Centennial Trail, The Whitehorse Trail, and the Interurban Trail.

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