Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trail Work Updates

At our recent Genera Meeting on March 21st we got some updates on Snohomish County Parks trail work plans.  County Parks staff brought several maps and photos to share.  Some of these are attached here.  Sorry about the limited quality.
For the Whitehorse Trail bids have been received and the contract should soon be awarded for gravel work on the trail between "the Tin Bridge" (mile point 2.65) and Swede Heaven Road (mile point 21.8).  The first phase is planned for completion by the end of June and Phase 2 is scheduled to be done by the end of November this year.  Two sections were paved last fall; these next phases of work will be gravel surfacing.  Phase 3 has a need for a landslide repair, which will delay that phase.
Resurfacing Plan for the Whitehorse Trail

On the Centennial Trail, Parks is doing annual - biannual trail fix projects, patching the paving, cutting tree roots, fixing erosion problems.  They will spend $150,000 on this type of work this year.

Project Map for the Centennial Trail South of Snohomish

Project Reference Plan and views for the Centennial Trail South of Snohomish

Views from the proposed Centennial Trail South 

Mile markers planned for the Centennial Trail

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