Thursday, January 17, 2013

Centennial Trail future “would be one of the best places in America,” Teigen said.

Now you can ride all the way to Skagit County on Centennial Trail 

Read the Seattle Times article about the Centennial Trail by Tan Vinh.

The article points to the future that our organization is striving to facilitate, the expansion of a corridor of trails that link the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, the Burke-Gilman Trail, the Sammamish River Trail, and the Whitehorse Trail.  As the article quotes Snohomish County Parks director Tom Teigen: “it would be one of the best places in America.”

Our own CTCSC president Rick Schrank lauds the views north of Arlington: “On a fall day, we stood on that bridge and watched the salmon waiting for the rain to fall and the river to rise so they could swim upstream,” said Schranck. “And just beyond the trestle — you look up and you feel like you’re in Montana — the river, the trees, the gravel bar and the mountains in the back. (It’s) just amazing.”

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