Friday, June 7, 2013

Re: The Whitehorse Trail: Let Your County Leaders Know What You Would Like

CTCofSC Board members Sarah Arney and Bridget Wisniewski recently attended the Darrington Day festivities at Old School Park in Darrington.  They were promoting a letter writing campaign from local residents to promote the Whitehorse Trail.  Many of the visitors to the booth promised to send in letters of support for expanding the maintenance on the Whitehorse Trail.

As part of the Coalition's effort to promote long distance trails in Snohomish County, we are encouraging you to help us let the County Park managers and Council Members know that there is a lot of interest in improving the maintenance on the Whitehorse Trail.

Here is a sample letter and a list of people to write to:


Who to contact about the future of Whitehorse Trail

Because of the effort of CTCofSC and with the help of the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians, this section of the Whitehorse trail will soon be open with new railings on the bridge.  Help us keep the momentum going and join by expressing your interest to the Snohomish County managers with a letter.

Thank you,
Centennial Trail Coalition of Snohomish County Board Members

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