Monday, September 23, 2013

Traffic Concerns Along the Centennial Trail in Bryant

At the September 19th General Meeting, Everett Lewis, a homeowner and trail user in the Bryant area has requested to bring a traffic concern to our attention.  He is a member of a group who are petitioning to lower the speed limit on State Route 9 near the intersection of State Route 9 and the Stanwood Bryant Road.

This problem is of particular concern to Centennial Trail users because occasionally vehicles that have been traveling north on State Route 9 and which turn right onto Grandview Road (268th St NE) will have to pause for people on the Centennial Trail.  This will leave the stopped vehicle partially still in the
State Route 9
traffic where the current speed limit is 50 mph.  The combination of increased local traffic, ball field, Centennial Trail, new businesses in the immediate area, increased truck traffic on SR 9, and oversize vehicles that have been diverted to SR 9, combined with the 50 mph posted speed is creating a “Perfect Storm” in the words of Mr. Lewis, which area residents fear could lead to more accidents or a fatality.

  • A lower speed limit is petitioned and can be signed at the local store at that intersection.  
  • Trail users travelling north need to be extra cautious to look behind them at approaching traffic on SR 9. It is not easy to tell which vehicles might turn.
  • 1000 ft north of this intersection is a very tight S-turn with a suggested speed of 20mph, so a reduced speed in this location would be logical and helpful for that reason.
  • There is a possibility of a “Congested Traffic Ahead” automatic warning flasher.
  • All traffic users and trail users need to show others the same caution and consideration that they would like to have extended to themselves if the roles were reversed.

Intersection of State Route 9 and Stanwood Bryant Road

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