Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Why the Trail?" in the News from Monroe

The goals of the Centennial Trail Coalition were also on the campaign agenda for two candidates in the Monroe City elections:

Candidates state goal of bringing Centennial Trail to Monroe

Jeff Rasmussen has lots of great reasons for supporting the addition of a trail from Snohomish to Monroe and he has shared those ideas in his campaign for Monroe City Council.  (As of this writing Mr. Rasmussen is in the lead for that position as listed in Snohomish County's election results.)

Quotes from The Monroe Monitor:

"Rasmussen has stated a goal of bringing the Centennial Trail to Monroe, believing that it could not only help people live healthy lifestyles, but that it could help the local economy, too."

“I watched the Trail’s End go from a place that had a few beers on tap to a really busy place with outdoor dining,” he said.

It reminded him of another place that benefitted from the addition of a trail; the town of Twin Falls, Idaho, where he grew up.

“There’s a big canyon, it’s got a steep road and I remember as a kid we’d rollerblade down,” he said. “In the last years, I noticed the hill had more walkers and runners than cars. The city took notice and made a trail.”

Today, he said, the trail has transformed the area.

“There’s upscale restaurants and hotels,” he said."

Similarly, Monroe Mayoral Candidate Geoffrey Thomas (also leading in the current results) is cited in the article from The Monroe Monitor as having similar ambitions for extending the connectivity of the Centennial Trail with a trail to Monroe.  

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