Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Sculpture on the Centennial Trail: Rooted Embrace

Rooted Embrace by Debbi Rhodes.  Photo from Sarah Arney

"Rooted Embrace" by Debbi Rhodes, after installation on Tuesday. It now has a nice bed of bark around it. The sculpture is located in the 300 block of the trail, just north of the Arlington Police Station.
Arlington Arts Council saved up for two and a half years to purchase this piece of art for the Centennial Trail.  The pad was donated by Cuz Concrete, a lift was provided by Duane Oostra of Pape Bobcat, and the piece was fabricated by Allied Steel Fabricators in Redmond. 

Artist Debbi Rhodes created the piece that was purchased by the Arlington Arts Council and then donated to the City of Arlington.

The Arts Council raises money for public art during their annual art auction in October.

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