Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photos of New Activity and projects on Whitehorse and Centennial Trail

River in River Meadows Park.   Lots of people stopped by to find out what's new on the Centennial Trail, What is happening with the Whitehorse Trail, and asking when will the Centennial Trail connect to trails in King County.

Here are some photos to show recent improvements and progress along the trails.

A fine bench at the south end of Legion Park
Arlington has nearly finished the 67th Ave. project and this makes the final complete link for the Centennial Trail to be fully open and functional.  Scroll farther down to see some of the repair work on the Whitehorse Trail.

Watch for traffic here.  It is a complicated intersection.

The project plan envisioned on the project poster.

The current real image of the same spot.
Nice touches of art along the newest part of the trail.

Family fun on the Centennial Trail

Wonderful work is also happening along the Whitehorse Trail Snohomish County has hired a large crew of seasonal helpers to perform many civic cleanup and maintenance projects in the Stillaguamish Valley.  We are seeing lots of great community benefits from the hard work that the Worksource Snohomish Crews are doing.  One big example is the miles of brushing trails and cleaning drainage, work that makes a big difference saving the trails and making our hiking and horseback riding much better.
Work Source Snohomish crew is brushing and cleaning up the Whitehorse Trail

These new barriers are better for users and also make future maintenance access easier.

This washout along the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River has been repaired and the Whitehorse Trail is reopened in this beautiful spot next to the river.
Thank you Snohomish County Workers for all the great benefits to our community.  Everyone, get out and enjoy these inviting spaces!

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