Saturday, November 21, 2015

County Park staff makes quick work of a big chore after the November 17 Windstorm.

One of the many windfall blocking the Centennial Trail

Thank You Snohomish County Parks Rangers and maintenance staff! In just two days the Centennial Trail went from many places that looked like the view above to this:

Open and ready for your holiday season enjoyment!

As one avid trail user so aptly wrote in a recent letter:

Kudos to you all who cleaned up the Trail so quickly and so well!  I rode through this morning with friends who ride the trail everyday ... and they commented how amazed and pleased they were to be able to ride through that section today.  The Trail is literally a lifesaver for those of us who wish to ride outdoors in the cold and gloomy short days of winter where we can exercise without fear of being hit by a car ...

We all appreciate what a speedy and complete job you all did without closing the trail down so we could still have access.  SnoCo Parks & Rec!

There were similar windfall problems on the currently open section of the Whitehorse Trail near Darrington.  

Snohomish County Parks rangers got out there quickly and were able to clear the worst of the problems so that hikers, equestrian riders, and walkers can enjoy using the trail in the fall weather.

Thank You Snohomish County Parks!  With the Holiday festive season coming, these trails make a great place to take the family out for a few hours, and maybe even work off some of those great family meals.  We know this was a work of generosity and enthusiasm, and we appreciate that it was also some long hours and hard work.

You Folks are Great!

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