Friday, February 7, 2020

An invitaion from Leafline Trails Coalition

Members of our Snohomish County Trail Coalition have been attending a regional group effort facilitated by King County, exploring the need for a larger regionally connected organization that will promote regional trail connections.  The organization has chosen the name Leafline Trails Coalition.

King County Parks, Snohomish County Parks and Tourism, and Metro Parks Tacoma are part of this effort to improve community connections and resources for finding trails and perhaps to focus a regional strategy that will help the trails and trail users.

Here is a part of their latest outreach:

Welcome to the Leafline Trails Coalition!

Leafline Trails sign

We've got a new name and look

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on logos. We’re excited to unveil the final logo and start using it and our new name. Since regional trails are now the Leafline Trails Network, that makes us the Leafline Trails Coalition!
It’s time to start implementing our new style out on the trails. Next week's meeting will largely feature a presentation and workshop by Alta Planning + Design about how to make our trails more accessible and welcoming through wayfinding. After the presentation we'll discuss barriers and strategies to getting improved wayfinding with our new look and feel out onto our trails. Since the majority of the meeting will be focused on this subject, you can find general Coalition business updates below.

Join us at the next Leafline Trails Coalition meeting at Mercer Island Community Center, February 13, 10 a.m. to noon. Add it to your calendar!

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